Why We Started Lily CBD


A note from our founder...

Thirty-five years ago, in the week leading up to my parents’ wedding, my mother got into a car accident. It was not life-threatening, but it was her second, and not her last.

Adrenaline got her through, but soon after they were married, the pain set in and she’s been dealing with it ever since. It has been a daily struggle - contributing to her fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica and the mental pain of the physical issues persisting. 

It wasn’t until about eight years ago when experiencing my own deep seeded pain that I finally understood how my mother had felt for all those years. It inspired my new journey to try and help her, day by day, to feel alive again.

What began with healthy eating and more radical forms of exercise, ultimately lead us to cannabis…

In 2016, a friend’s mother had been growing CBD-potent flowers in her backyard, juicing it, and taking shots in the morning to help her inflammation.

We asked her to ship us what she was taking, but unfortunately, it never arrived.

While we never received the cannabis, the plant opened us up to a potential new way of helping my mom. Over time, CBD products became slightly more available on the East Coast, and in October 2017, we were finally able to try some. We saw early positive results, and the rest is history. She’s been using CBD ever since, and it has directly resulted in a decrease in her physical pain.

Lily CBD is dedicated to my mother, Judy and all the great caring, stylish, entrepreneurial and strong women in my life. Especially, my Brooklyn great-grandmothers, Lilian and Molly, for whom the company is named.

Hopefully, over time, we can help our extended friends and family with a chance to feel alive.

With love & good health.

Russell Markus & The Lily Family