The Story of Our CBD Aloe Vera Lotion

When my mother was looking for something that would rejuvenate her skin, we took the same approach that we took with our CBD oil. We started with simple, organic ingredients, we went through rounds and rounds of research and development, and we didn’t stop until we had something we could happily share with the special people in our lives. This is the story behind Unforgettable, our new CBD aloe vera lotion.

When CBD Meets Aloe Vera

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s also a powerful antioxidant. Research from 2009 shows that CBD might be effective in treating dry, dehydrated skin. In short, there’s something to be said for using CBD topically, and things only improve when aloe vera is in the mix. Aloe has its own anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s also antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, among other benefits. In fact, aloe vera has more than 200 biologically active substances, which is probably why it’s played a significant role in a number of medicinal applications throughout history.

Growing up, we had a huge aloe plant in the kitchen. My mom cut off pieces regularly so we could use the gel to hydrate our sun-parched skin. I hated sunscreen and this was the only thing that helped… a little.

Fast forward to summer 2019, when the idea for a simple yet effective lotion began simmering, and we knew that aloe had to have a starring role. Our goal became sourcing and combining tried-and-true ingredients to help the skin. In addition to our own CBD oil and the hydrating properties of aloe, we used arnica for its pain-relieving benefits, calendula to protect collagen, and apricot kernel oil to nourish the skin. A few other ingredients — coconut oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, gum arabic — rounded out the formula, and that was really it. We decided against including essential oils for fragrance because we wanted to make a product for all skin types.

The texture of the finished product was also key. My mom had worked in cosmetics for almost a decade, so she had strong ideas about how this lotion should both feel and absorb. Her attention to detail here paid off, with a finished product that’s light and airy, and truly luscious. It absorbs incredibly quickly, with no lingering greasiness. 

The same care went into our packaging. Our jars are topped with clay caps that are handmade in Austin, Texas. And as for the name, we were inspired by Nat King Cole himself. It’s a song that has great meaning for my mother and me.

It goes without saying that lily didn’t invent the concept of a CBD lotion. But with Unforgettable, we’ll go out on a limb and say we’ve certainly improved upon what’s out there. We hope you’ll try this hydrating, rejuvenating lotion for yourself, or share it with someone you find unforgettable.